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Birth is the epicenter of women's power

-  Ani DiFranco -


During my doula services I am supporting women and families in all kinds of situations, who have different kinds of births and make a wide range of parenting choices. 

I am not here to advice you but supporting you to find a balanced information to make informed decisions about your birth plans and after birth care.  

I also provide seperate nutritional and health and exercise consultations if that is the only part which you need some support with.

About me

About  five years ago I used to be a very materialistic person with busy work schedule in  London. I was not entirely sure what I wanted to do in life but I was not happy. Later on for different personal reasons I started to study about nutrition and follow a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Once I got pregnant I started to realize my purpose and also understand how important all these nutritional changes have been and how they contributed to my pregnancy and childbirth as well. However as I was coming form a different country and my husband, too;  getting ready for the whole childbirth experience back then was definitely not easy and I understood that having people around you who can point you to the right direction is always good and important as you might can’t do all the research by yourself or you have no idea where to start.  I also remember after birth it was so nice to have the opportunity to go to a breastfeeding group every week, and have those postnatal chats with other mums and volunteered professionals but I feel I was lucky, because not everywhere you can find such support or it is very limited in numbers. So I felt that my purpose right now is to share my experience and support to other mums or mums to be and to show them the light towards wonderful childbirth and the opportunities after childbirth. 


Certified Doula by Red Tend Doulas  -January 2018

Registered at Doula.org.uk and also Redtentdoulas.co.uk

Attended the Doula conference in March 2018

Diploma in Sports Nutrition and Helth and Exercise

Spoken languages: 

English, Hungarian, Slovak

Doula Services


I provide 28 days on call within my services- which means that you can call 24 hours a day for 28 days; on the top of that is supporting the birth, doesn't matter how long it would take. It also covers meetings, phone calls, oils, hugs, nutritional advice, exercise advise if you want to, emails and as many cups of tea as needed. 

Birth Support

My full birth support fee is £500 for Edinburgh and £450 pounds for Livingston including all meetings , before and after birth support and of course the birth itself. I am also available outside of these areas with some additional cost of my travel and parking if necessary - costs depends on distance.

However I really don't need to cause extra stress for the family financially, therefore I can take a deposit around £200 and the rest in monthly payments. Whatever works for you the best, just talk to me.  Money shouldn't be the reason for you not to have the support you need in this beautiful journey for you and your family.

Postnatal Support

The postnatal support may include, massage, nutritional advice, cooking- I used to work in hospitality so knowledge of different style of cooking and light housekeeping is second nature. Breastfeeding support, introducing the new addition to siblings, listening and processing the birth story. 



10 hour package for £120 (£80 up front payment) 

Once again, if you feel you can't afford it all at once or in general, you can still call me and talk to me and see what we can come up with.

Menu / Price List

If the prices seem to be too high for you, you are still welcome to contact me and I am sure we can come to some arrangements which will suit You the best

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To schedule an appointment, please send me a message or just give me a call at anytime between 8am and 6pm. 


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